Embedded Solutions

Manhattan Skyline offers a wide range of ARM based embedded modules.

Product families with expandable modules and the choice between Linux and Windows operating systems satisfy wide-ranging demands. Excellent support for both hardware and software. Long term availability and high quality.

Wide range of interfaces like Ethernet , USB , CAN , RS232 , I2C , SPI.

A key criteria for choosing a board is the processor power which needs to be high enough to control the connected display and perform the desired functions ( eg MPEG decoding , Silverlight , JAVA )

Product Families

  • armStone:
    PicoITX SBC , 100 x 72mm , LVDS – TFT , DVI , Cortex A9 , Cortex A5 – M4
  • PicoCOM:
    Very small and compact form factor (40 x 50mm), ARM9 / CortexA5+M4
  • efus:
    Easy, Functional, Universal and Small (47 x 62mm), CortexA9.
  • QBliss:
    70 x 70mm - Qseven Form factor with CortexA9: short Boot time, very low power
  • PicoMOD:
    ARM Cortex A5 / A9 , 80x50mm , high flexibility, LVDS, DVI.

SMARC Computer on Module

SMARC is the first COM standard to be built specifically for modern ARM-Cortex system on chips (SoCs), aiming to efficiently pass along ARM benefits such as low power consumption to COTS designs.

The benefits of standardization are listed as follows.

  • Reduced cost
  • Mass production equals a better price performance ratio
  • Improved quality
  • Mass production equals higher product quality
  • Improved negotiating power for the buyer
  • Standards drive product differentiation and competition toward price and service and away from features. This gives buyer both better pricing and better support.
  • Standard architectures
  • Allows software teams to develop new applications faster with fewer people.
  • Scalable and flexible