Micro OLED Displays

Lightweight, compact, high brightness, low power and high contrast OLEDoS displays are designed to create a new era of display.
High PPI & High refresh rate.

These high-quality image displays are dedicated to solving the screen-door effect with PPI exceeding 4,500 and refresh rate reaching 90 Hz.
High brightness & Low power.
Clear and easy to read under strong sunlight, OLEDoS displays enable the eyes to have a realistic and comfortable experience.
High-speed transmission.

MIPI interfaces, can be applied to various mobile devices, owing to their high transmission rate, short response time, and low power consumption.

Richness in colour.
OLEDoS displays offer a rich colour performance with a colour gamut exceeding 90% DCI-P3.
Motion blur reduction.
OLEDoS displays match the AR and VR drivers, and can achieve global emission and reduce motion blur.

Published on: Dec 01 2021
Tags: displays