EDT plans to release replacement TFTs for Mitsubishi’s discontinued display modules

Mitsubishi LCM Replacement Solution

Following Mitsubishi Electric’s official press release in June 2020, where the company announced:

The company’s LCD business, currently focusing on small and medium-sized TFT-LCD modules for industrial and automotive use, has been expanding its business by developing and launching high value products with advanced technologies in the specific market segments based on the market needs. However, the company has decided to end the TFT-LCD modules production and terminate the business based on the consideration that the company is no longer able to maintain the products’ competitiveness under the situation that the global competition involving the company’s focusing segment of high display performance and high reliability expands and intensifies with significant falling in price.

EDT is developing a new series of display modules aimed as compatible replacements and offering the same features such as size and resolution and same mechanical outline structure. Until further notice they have planned for 3 sizes in XGA resolution (refer the table below), and more sizes can be added to this road map. If you are looking for other product sizes to replace Mitsubishi module, please do not hesitate to send us your inquiry and notify us what are the most important criteria for your application. Together we can develop the most suitable alternative.

Published on: Nov 18 2020
Tags: Technology